There are two children They aren’t enjoying the park They’re playing a video game How can Granny Fixit distract the children How can she show them that it’s fun to play in the park too Read the story and find outSyllabusVocabulary areasColours body and physicaldescriptions sports and leisureLanguagePresent simple action verbsPresent continuousCan for ability and for permissionHave gotThere is

Granny fixit

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There are two children. They aren’t enjoying the park! They’re playing a video game! How can Granny Fixit distract the children? How can she show them that it’s fun to play in the park, too? Read the story and find out!

Vocabulary areas
Colours, body and physical
descriptions, sports and leisure
Present simple action verbs
Present continuous
Can for ability and for permission
Have got
There is / are
Please / Thank you /
Hello / Goodbye /
What a/an
Let’s …
Would you like to …
I like + verb + ing
Oh dear!
Me too!
See you later!

Health and exercise | Time management | Sharing

ISBN 978-88-536-3496-2

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